2013 Jimi Flowers Classic – June 22-23

This was a short and sweet trip. After a long week of being the IT guy at Pete Hovlands swim camp ending on Thursday, I had to wake up at 4am and head to the airport Friday morning. Cheryl Angelelli and I landed into Denver at 8am. A close friend of mine picked us up and we made our way to the Colorado Springs. After going to the pool and seeing lots of teammates, we went downtown to one of my favorite restraints in downtown Colorado Springs. After a super long day with the time change and homework done my head finally hit the pillow at 10pm mountain time.

In the morning we headed to the pool at 7am. After warming up and feeling the 6,000 feet above sea level burning my lungs, I was ready for the meet to start. Sam and Lauren Flowers opened the meet with two very heart-warming speeches about how much this meet meant to them and how carrying on their dad’s legacy, then the first heat was sent off. I swam the 50 meter freestyle and the 100 meter backstroke. There was a new swimmer in my classification in the 50 meter freestyle. He was seated a head of me by a second. After his attempt to beat me he touched the wall a solid 1.5 seconds after me. I also had a great 100 meter backstroke as well. After my 100 meter backstroke I got the great opportunity to be tagged by USADA. I gave my sample and made my way to the Olympic gift shop. After taking a couple pictures with some fans, who found out Cheryl Angelelli, Jessica Long and I were all medalist, we got into the car to head to the airport. After my 36 hour trip, it’s back to Michigan to start the next rounds of Pete Hovlands swim camps. Wish me luck.

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  • By Danny, 06/27/2013 @ 9:56 pm

    You were the funniest and best coach at Oakland swim camp. Such an inspiration.

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